Unprotected Sex And Hiv: What We Know Today

One of the more obvious lessons learned is that having unprotected sex increases the chances of getting infected with HIV. Most of the people who have been infected with the virus acquired it through unprotected sex with an infected person.

It doesn’t happen that every time a person has unprotected sex with an infected person, they will get infected. There are people who have had sex without protection and with infected adults, and yet they did not get infected. This does not mean they are invincible, just that they were lucky. To understand this better, you need to know how infection occurs.

How people get infected

During sex, there is exchange of bodily fluids between the people involved. It could be blood, fluids secreted by sexual organs as well as saliva. The virus is in these fluids and when the exchange of fluids occurs then the virus is also acquired by the other person.

The infection may not occur at times because the infected person may not have a lot of viruses in their body so the exchanged fluid may not contain any viruses.

It is however impossible to know if an infected person may have the virus in their bodily fluids which is why unprotected sex is discouraged all together.

Which type of sex exposes you more to HIV

The majority of people have contracted HIV through virginal sex but according to scientists, anal sex has a higher risk of spreading the infection. The reason for this is that the rectum walls bleed much easier during anal sex than the vagina so the chance of infection is higher. Oral sex has the least chances of infection.


Male circumcision is said to lower the risk of HIV infection during unprotected sex but this protection is mainly for the man. Without foreskin, the virus has a smaller passage into the body therefore the chances of infection are minimal.

Unprotected sex and the law

There is no law that can force someone to wear a condom during sex however there is a law in connection to unprotected sex and HIV infection. A person who is HIV positive and goes ahead to have unprotected sex without informing their partner is liable to prosecution and imprisonment if they infect someone else.

In nutshell, unprotected sex is risky behavior especially if you do not know the other person’s status and should never be encouraged.

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