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I took over the running of a escorts in London service from my mom, and most of my friends think that I should be the specialist in women. The truth is that I am just an ordinary bloke, and I am trying to do my best to be a good husband. I have come to realize that being a husband is all about participation. Just like I participate in the lives of the Escorts in London who work for me, I need to be able to participate in the life of my wife.


My wife is a busy florist and sometimes I have trouble keeping up with her. Her business is just as busy as mine, and we have two kids to manage. The girls who work for me at escorts in London think that I am very much a new age man. At times I really don’t know what that is all about. However, I do recognize that the running of the home has to be shared. When my wife is busy I run home and cook dinner for the kids. Actually I like to cook, and like I say to the girls at escorts in London, I don’t think that there is anything really new age about that at all.


Our daughters are eleven and thirteen years old now. We both love them to bits, but I do appreciate that my wife cannot do everything. Every Saturday morning the girls at London escorts know that they cannot get hold of me for love nor money. That is when I am doing running club with the kids. Afterwards I go home and do lunch for my wife. I know that Saturday morning is manic in her business and I like to be around. Sure, I may give the girls at London escorts a call but most of the time there is not a problem at all.


Saturday afternoon is for our family. By then the girl who cleans our house has gone home, and we just do normal stuff. That can include going shopping at Waitrose for instance. I like going shopping much to the amusement of the London escorts who work for me. They cannot believe that I get a kick out of running around the supermarket with my wife and our kids. I keep telling my girls at escorts in London that it is all of these small little pleasure that makes life worth living. Do I shop for my own with the girls? Of course I do, I recognize that her business is an important as mine.


Loving each other is important and that means showing respect. We do not focus on spending money, and we actually have taught our kids a lot about finance. The truth is that we talk a lot and support each other. Our household is a busy one and that is why we are organized. I don’t expect my wife to clean the house, so we have a cleaning lady who comes in every day. It is not extravagant, our cleaning lady lives in our basement apartment and is thought of as a member of our family. In fact, I consider many of my girls as an extension of my family as well.

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