Second Wife

The majority of gentlemen I date at London escorts have been divorced for one reason or another. Many of them would love to marry a girl from London escorts. But, I have to admit that I have no attention of becoming anyone’s second wife. It is hard enough to keep a marriage together without have the first wife looming as a shadow over you. I do know a girl who ended up getting married to a man who had been married before, and she ended up having a horrid time.

This friend of mine used to work for another companion company like the one when you visit here. She was a real sweetie and fell madly in love with this guy who she met on a business date. It turned out that he had been married before. However, that did not discourage her. She loved him, and within a couple of months, it was clear that they were having a personal relationship. About a year later they moved in together. After they had lived together for three months, they decided to get married.

Things changed after they had got married, and I think that they must have gone downhill very quickly. As far as I could tell, my friend started to miss London escorts. The girls at London escorts missed her as well. She used to be great to have her with us on nights out. But now she was stuck at home looking after his kids from his former marriage. I felt pretty sure that it was not what she had signed up for when she got married. Was she happy? I am not sure she was happy at all.

Not only that, but there were a lot of financial strains on the marriage. It turned out that the man my friend had married had paid his ex-wife a huge settlement. As a result, he had ended up taking up a large mortgage which he was desperately trying to pay off. My friend had thought that she would be staying at home but instead, she found herself getting a little job in a local supermarket earning a fraction of what she used to earn at London escorts. However, it covered some of their bills and took some of the pressure of him trying to pay for everything.

My friend said that she had never worked so hard. She was not happy at all and even thought about going back to London escorts. Sure, she loved the guy, but their love was being blighted by his ex-wife. No matter what she did, she seemed to be working harder and harder. Yes, she was upset and did not want to live the way they did. They could not even afford holidays, and that really annoyed her. After about two years, she really started to wonder if this was the life for her. I have not heard from her from a while and I wonder if she is still a second wife.

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